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NCLC Completes Landmark Conservation Campaign in 2021

What a year it has been! After many years of hard work by staff, we closed on probably our most ambitious and visionary project to date: the Rainforest Reserve. Conserving this unique property is a milestone for the conservancy and the community on the North Coast.

Another highlight is that we incorporated the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve into our programs. The land-to-sea connection in our Coastal Edge initiative made this an easy decision, and we are excited to be involved with the marine reserve site.

With all of our programs, we continue to integrate climate change concerns; diversity, equity and inclusion goals; and a community conservation focus.

As pandemic restrictions have abated, staff finally has been able to meet and work in person. I was doing some remodel work in the office the other day and took note of the laughter coming from the meeting room. What a wonderful sound!

Lastly, the community support for NCLC is forever expanding. We have become a well-established, trusted resource for the community. Only through this public support could we accomplish the exciting goals we strive for—you make it work.


As always, thank you.


John Mersereau
President, Board of Directors
North Coast Land Conservancy