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Boneyard Ridge Tree Planting Aims for Species Diversity

In the winter of 2021, North Coast Land Conservancy stewardship team spent several weeks planting wester redcedar and bigleaf maple trees at Boneyard Ridge. The purpose behind the planting project is to improve species diversity across this 340-acre property, located south of Seaside and adjacent to Ecola State Park and NCLC’s Circle Creek Conservation Center. Currently, the property is dominated by Sitka spruce, western hemlock and red alder. Western redcedar is a minor species on the property, but large cedar stumps are scattered throughout the forest, providing a glimpse into its historic composition. In 2022, the planting and other restoration work at Boneyard Ridge will continue. MORE


  • Habitat piles intentionally created in Boneyard Ridge are frequented by songbirds, small mammals, bugs, amphibians and other wildlife.
  • Volunteer Colin Meston, who works for the U.S. Forest Service and serves as a site steward and Conservation Committee member for NCLC, was an integral part of moving forward with this tree-planting project.