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Helping the Helpers
on the Oregon Coast

The year 2021 was monumental for North Coast Land Conservancy, as well as our entire North Coast community, as we together completed a five-year campaign to create the Rainforest Reserve.

Yet the driving force behind this project was the same that motivates each aspect of our work, large and small:  Helping the helpers. That’s our calling at NCLC.  It may sound simple, and in essence, it is. Simple, yet sophisticated.

We live in an incredible place on the Oregon Coast. Natural beauty abounds, and we are daily reminded of its splendor. But there’s more to it than that.

There are also phenomenal systems at work here, doing what needs to be done to cultivate climate resiliency and support life. The trees, plants and soil are taking carbon out of the atmosphere, storing it, and using it, as they are designed to do. Fungi, microbes and wildlife live in a harmonious and reciprocal relationship with the surrounding ecosystems. There is a network built around cooperation that involves a multitude of helpers, both on the land and in the sea.

So, what's our role in this grand scheme?

To help the helpers—to protect, nurture and care for them, so they can do what they already do so well and we can move collectively toward healing our planet.

Thanks to your support of our acquisition of the Rainforest Reserve and our new position as stewards of the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve program, we can fulfill this vision in fresh, meaningful ways. Together we can support the connection and cooperation that already exists between the land and sea and the vast array of wildlife and plants who inhabit these ecosystems.

And we couldn’t do it without you. Your dedication empowers our coastal conservation and allows us to consistently and steadfastly serve as nature’s helpers.

With gratitude,

Katie Voelke
Executive Director, North Coast Land Conservancy